the story goes

Muchas cervezas throughout far-flung travels lead us to a whole new love for beer of all sorts… we still reminisce about those ice cold Bintang’s on the beach in Bali. Whether under an Oktoberfest tent in Munich or from the bow of a sailboat among the San Blas Islands, one thing remained constant: cold beer + good company + new adventure = GOOD TIMES.

For us, that’s what it’s always been about and what drove us to bring Boss Rambler to life. It’s not just about the beer: it’s about the people you’re with, the places you are, and ultimately, the good memories you create when you pop that top. We’re stoked to share our beer with you and we look forward to making memories together.


Matt molletta


The self-proclaimed “good time boss”. Previously a South Florida territory rep for the now, and rightfully so, defunct Bootie Beer brand and most recently managing Market Development for Crux, Matt has been “around the block” when it comes to beer. When not fully immersed in the world of craft, Matt can be found on his snowboard, mountain bike, or planning his next getaway to a tropical beach.

Fun Fact: Matt “starred” as a “model” in the Bravo TV reality show Shear Genius while living in Venice Beach (if you’re decent on Google, you just might find the clip still alive on the web).




Matt’s better half and voice of reason. Kate is no stranger to the beer world having dialed her skills at Boneyard and most recently operating her other business The Swig Rig, a mobile bar and beer truck. She is commonly referred to as Superwoman for her uncanny ability to juggle multiple businesses and a hyperactive one year old all at once. On the chance she finds a free minute, Kate can be found snowboarding Mt. Bachelor, ripping Phil’s Trail, or trying to keep up with baby Mosley.

Fun Fact: Kate was an early intern at TOMS Shoes in Santa Monica, where she was subsequently hired by Matt (and soon thereafter started dating and eventually marrying him).


jacob bansmer


A Mainer and true renaissance man, Jacob is the brains and muscle behind our beer. He’s a one man show in the brewery and insistent on staying old school (he still uses a flip phone). With a background distilling whiskey in Nashville and most recently brewing at Crux, Jacob is hellbent on quality and innovation. When not brewing, you can likely find him drinking beer on mountain tops, playing ice hockey, or enjoying the finer things in life.

Fun Fact: On a fishing outing with his grandfather, Jacob came up empty in the fish category but did manage to hook and land an Osprey (yes, he released it and no he didn’t take a pic for proof).


karen & mike altman


Our transcontinental family and team, without Mike and Karen’s support none of this would be possible. From the snowy Outback chairlift where it all was conceptualized, to the beachside brainstorm (and badminton) sessions in Chatham, they’ve been an integral part of Boss Rambler each step of the way. Atlantans by primary residence, Mike and Karen consider Bend their “other” home and manage to spend a significant portion of each year in the high desert. Avid travelers themselves, the Altman family embodies the Boss Rambler spirit to the fullest. When not drinking Domaine Drouhin Laurene, they can be found anxiously adapting to the world of craft beer (actually that’s half true, Karen sticks to the Laurene).

Karen’s Fun Fact: Ever kissed a shark? Karen has. On a recent boat outing in Sea Island she managed to plant one right on the lips of the unexpectant sea creature.

Mike’s Fun Fact: Of the 7.5+ billion humans on this planet, Mike considers himself to be the luckiest of them all...and he’s 100% serious!